DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 23

This is the story of EPISODE 23 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Until the traitors have been flashed out from your tribe... stay safe in Kayi tribe, with my mother and Halime Sultan. They should be told that... we’ve disposed of the traitors in Qavdar tribe and... that we have gone to conquest. Artuk Bey have to send the rest of the Alps in the tribe, for the ...


This is the story of EPISODE 23 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Until the traitors have been flashed out from your tribe... stay safe in Kayi tribe, with my mother and Halime Sultan. They should be told that... we’ve disposed of the traitors in Qavdar tribe and... that we have gone to conquest. Artuk Bey have to send the rest of the Alps in the tribe, for the siege. As you order, Ertugrul Bey May your Holy Struggle be blessed. Eyvallah (thank you), Aslihan Hatun. Amin Well, let’s go, Turgut Bey. Sir, there’s still no news from Titan. This situation worries me a bit. Titan is a great knight, Kostas. He will fulfill the duty he was assigned with. Nothing can save Ertugrul from his hand. He will come at night, so as not to reveal the secret passage... but he will send the news of his victory by a pigeon. Everyone is eagerly waiting for good news, Sir. Nevertheless, do not let your guard down, Kostas. Don t forget! This fortress is the heart of Karacahisar area. Any harm done to this fortress means the fall of entire Karakahisar. Double the number of men on the walls! Fortify the door with the iron bolts As you order Sir Marya. Why did you leave your room? The physician told you to rest. Don’t worry, Sir, my wound is healed. I feel so very well. I pray for you at every opportunity. I hope that your endeavors will be crowned with victory. Don t worry, Marya, the victory will be ours. Ertugrul's end has come. That barbarous Turk, who wounded you and. who attacked the Castle, will get what he rightfully deserve. Ertugrul is going to die today. How would that come about?

As the Latin proverb says. Auribus teneo lupum ("I am holding a wolf by the ears") [Suetonius: De Vita Caesarum, Lib.Ill Tiberius, 25] This time, Ertugrul has caught a tiger by the tail, Marya. And such a one, that both. his Principality’s Beylik and the Turkmen tribes will be shattered. Then you’ll see how that will come about. Now go to your room and have a rest. Tonight I will celebrate the victory with you. Be in readiness. As soon as they dismount their horses, we'll attack them. Ah Ah' They found the secret passage! Everybody to horses! Come on' Haydir Aljah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Allah! Allah' Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Haydir AI lah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Allah! Allah! Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Allah Allah! Allah Allah! Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Ya Haqq (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Ahh1 Ah, degenerate. Go after him, at once! Get him dead or alive, stop him from sending the word to the fort, go! Let us, firstly conquer the fortress then.. if the arrow I hit you with, didn’t kill you... be sure your death will still come by our hands. Ugh He’s there You go that way Get close to him from that side. Ahh You blackguard! I'm going to kill you I need to get to the fortress! I have to shut down the secret passage. Ah' See what this snake did at the time of this blessed struggle! Ertugrul Bey will surely take his life. I pray to Allah that nothing happens to Aslihan Hatun and Turgut Alp. My daughter My daughter Ertugrul will get there in time and save them, and the Qavdar tribe as well, my daughter. There is nothing else we can do but to pray You are right, mother Is there permission, Hayme Hatun? Please come in, Artuk Bey. Aslihan Hatun9 Aslihan Praise be to Allah SWT Glad to be here, Hafsa Hatun. Ashhan My sister! W Icome' Glad to be here You are alright, aren’t you? I'm fine, thank you Hayme Mother.

Welcome, my daughter. Glad to see you You are alright, aren’t you9 I’m fine, Hayme Mother Is Turgut alright, too? Turgut is well, don t worry. What about your tribe? What’s the situation in your tribe? The traitors have been eliminated and my tribe is saved. Oh, praise be to Allah SWT. Praise be to Allah SWT. Aslihan Hatun, I thank our Lord Almighty a thousand times, that... you have survived these trials and troubles. Thank you, Halime Hatun. Ertugrul Bey came as fast as al-Khidr. [AI Kahf, 18: 65-82] May Allah bless him. In shaa Allah, this evilness will turn into blessings, Aslihan Hatun. In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. Ertugrul Bey, along with the Alps... is riding to the Karacahisar fortress at a full gallop. Artuk Bey, Ertugrul Bey wants you to send the rest of the Alps for the siege. My Bey’s order is my command. In that case. we now have even more responsibilities in the tribe Hafsa daugher Yes, Hayme Mother? Notify the hatuns. They are to come to the main tent, posthaste. For the sake of the order and safety in our tribe... I’ll now assign them new duties. As you wish. And I am going to send the Alps for the siege. If you’ll excuse me, Hayme Hatun. You're excused, Artuk Bey. Welcome, Ertugrul Bey Glad to see you Atsiz. You’re bringing good news, In shaa Allah The traitors were served as they deserved, Atsiz. Bahadir along with his son paid the price for their deeds. Eyvallah (well done), Ertugrul Bey. While we were waiting for you, Titan came here with three men. We ambushed them But Titan has run away. However, I shot him with an arrow. I did not go after him, for my duty here was more important. But just in case, I’ve sent two of the Alps after him. You did well, Atsiz When the fortress falls, all of them will be eliminated. In shaa Allah We found a hidden passage, evelAllah (with Allah’s help). Ares is now for us, just a prey trapped in a cage. Turgut, notify the men who are blocking the roads. Until we plant our banner on the Castle’s tower... no one is to leave their positions. They are to maintain tight security. As you command, my Bey. The only link Ares has with the outside world is this passage.

Password: Ertugrulisn0otDeadc

It is certain that transit through this passage is done at night. If Titan didn't failed in his ambush, surely he would return at night. And Ares also expects him to come tonight. What will we do, my Bey7 Ares expects to get the news from Titan about my death. And we will satisfy them that I am dead. First of all, we will send the notice of my death to the Castle. But m B when all the gates of the fortress are sealed... how do we get it inside? We will find a way, Turgut, we will. My Bey. We found this pigeon cage when that blackguard Titan came here. Hmm Hmm Eyvallah (well done), Atsiz. Sisters! Our Beys and our Alps have gone to an all-out siege battle. From this time onwards, we will also... begin with our trainings and we will keep guard. As you order, Hayme Mother1 Drillings... will be supervised by Halime Hatun and Aslihan Hatun! As you order, mother As you order, Hayme Mother You will pay particular attention to the young girls. Do not forget, as the twig is bent, so grows the tree Kilimhane, as well as ointments and rations preparation will be. . under Hafsa Hatun's close scrutiny I want to be constantly informed. As you order, Hayme Mother. Saray Hatun. You will be responsible for hatuns on guard duty. Choose those agile ones among our young girls. I want to get appraisal and information day and night. As you order, Hayme Mother! Bads' (sisters), our tribe and our tents are now entrusted. first to Allah (swt), and then to us. Until the campaign finishes we will... go to bed and we will get up with our swords in hand. Come on, everybody go to their duties As you order, Hayme Mother! Since Titan was expected to send such news... then we will do just that. Immediately write a letter to Ares, in Titan's own language. Write that Ertugrul and his Alps were killed and that.. he’d sneak into the Castle tonight, once he checked on the Qavdar tribe. Don’t worry, my Bey After sending this letter to Ares... the Alps around the fortress will retreat.

When Ares sees that, he will be so lulled into complacency... that he will become negligent. And we will enter the fortress disguised as Titan and his soldiers. The inner Castle where Ares is situated is the heart of Karacahisar. We will attack the inner Castle When we took hold of that, then... the whole Karacahisar fortress will fall. To begin with, we’ll have to overcome the soldiers in the passage. However, we will do that quietly, so. the soldiers on the other side would be none the wiser. Else, they’ll close the gate on the other side of Karacahisar's tunnel. My Bey, I want to see Ares' face when he sees you in the flesh. standing in front of him like Azrail, and when. [Azrail - an Angel of death] he realizes that you're not dead. When we enter the Castle, we'll observe it together with relish, Bamsi. In shaa Allah, my Bey, In shaa Allah. When we enter the inner Castle... it will be necessary to remove the archers first. That will be your duty, Bamsi. As you command, my Bey. May our Almighty Lord open the path of Conquest for us and... grant us to turn these lands into a Paradise, In shaa Allah! lUiuiv Bamsi, leave few of our best Alps here. They are to keep an eye on the passage gate. And, with the rest, we will perform Salat (to pray) and make a Dua... that our Lord (Rabb) opens the path of Conquest for us. As you order, my Bey. Well, let’s go then. Sir, our soldiers are eagerly waiting for Titan to bring us the good news. At the death of Ertugrul we ll cease to be on the defensive and will start our attack. We will pounce on the destitute and angry Turks, stunned by Ertugrul’s death. We will show them, that we will neverj leave our lands to these barbarians. Sir, what will be our next goal after Ertugrul's death?

We will take over Hanli Bazaar. After the burning of catapults and killing of the Alps.. then after Ertugrul’s death... when we take over the Hanli Bazaar the Turks will be destroyed. After Titan and our heroic Knights return, it will be our turn. We’ll take over the Hanli Bazaar. Allahu ekber (Allah is the Gratest). Sarni a Allahu liman hamidah. [Allah hears those who praise Him] Allahu ekber (Allah is the Gratest). Allahu ekber (Allah is the Gratest).. Allahu ekber (Allah is the Gratest). Allahu ekber (Allah is the Gratest). Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. [May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you] Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah [May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you] In the name of the Almighty Allah (swt), who fills our hearts with the light of faith On this path we have set out to make Your Justice. . prevail all over the world, to attain Your noble Approval. make us victorious, o my Lord (Rabb). Amin Do not allow us to be defeated by the tyrants, nor to... be shamed before the oppressed, o my Lord (Rabb). Amin May our fast running horses never stumble their hooves, o my Lord. Amin May our sharp, sky-blue swords never be notched, o my Lord. Amin May our Iman (faith) be our protective armor in multiple layers, o Lord. Amin Accept our Dua for the sake of our blessed Prophet (pbuh) with. the glorious name of Muhammad Mustafa (savs), O my Lord (Rabb). Amin El Fatiha [Openning Surah of the Qur’an], May Allah (swt) accept our prayer. Amin My Almighty God... keep safe these soldiers, ready to sacrifice their lives to... protect our holy Empire and our lands In our struggle to destroy the Turks, do not withhold your help from us Amen Amen My Knights, Karacahisar’s brave soldiers! All of you are the brave, heroic soldiers, blessed by.. the Father, Jhe Son andthe Hojy Spirit.1 Today, we will do another heroic deed and destroy Ertugrul. Afterwards, we will seize the Hanli Bazaar and deal the fatal blow to the Turks. And we will shout, all in unison: "Death to the Turks Death to the Turks! Death to the Turks! Death to the Turks! Death to the Turks! Death to the Turks! Password for this Episode is ErtugrulisnotDead. Thanks for watching! Watch and pray for us!