DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 22

This is the story of EPISODE 22 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. So, you were trying to escape Aslihan, take care - Alps. You baseborn! Ah. Asiihan! You good-for-nothing Ah Turgut! Let go Hd. Ah My Ertugrul Bey will bring both, you and your father to your knees again. However, this time no one will be able to save your heads, bowed in submission. Ah Ah Do you think ...


This is the story of EPISODE 22 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. So, you were trying to escape Aslihan, take care - Alps. You baseborn! Ah. Asiihan! You good-for-nothing Ah Turgut! Let go Hd. Ah My Ertugrul Bey will bring both, you and your father to your knees again. However, this time no one will be able to save your heads, bowed in submission. Ah Ah Do you think your Ertugrul Bey, whom you rely so much upon, would be able to come here, ha? He is done for, already. Ah Get out of here, Sancar! Get out of here! You don't say even a word You tried to do things beyond your abilities, incapable woman. You set everyone against each other All these happened because of your obstinacy. Because of your passion for Beylik Ah Turgut1 «d. Tu gut1 Ah, h No, your death won't be that easy I will make you live through such pains, that.. you will beg me to let you die. Hd. Alps, put both of them in chains. Put a guard to keep watch over them. Ah You good-for-nothing! You'll get what you deserve! Let go of me! Ah Ah Ah Son Mother. As you ordered us, we're doing everything we possibly can. concerning the funeral of our martyrs. Eyvallah (thank you), mother From now on, I consider the children of our martyrs as my children What my children wear, they will wear the same too. What my children eat, they wiM eat the same too. We will raise our children well and take good care of them, mother. May Allah be pleased with you, son. May Allah never leave us without you. Eyvallah (may is be so), mother. Son I know the burden on your shoulders is heavy On this path, many barriers will arise before you. However, our Lord (Rabb) counsels us... Allah (SWT) does not burden any human being with more than he is well able to bear." [Al-Baqarah; 2:286] I walk for the sake of Allah’s justice, mother. hen I say “Allah’ only once . all the difficulties remain behind, evelAllah. Now, I wish from my Lord (Rabbim) to open a door to me. I believe And, In shaa Allah, He will open that door to me.

My Lord (Rabb) advises that... So verily, with every difficulty, there [will be] relief." [Al-lnshirah; 94/5] Your intention is good. Your intention will gain the Divine Approval of Allah (swt). Allah (swt) will certainly show you the door, a way out, son. Mother If you allow, I wish to perform Salat and make dua (prayer to Allah SWT). May Allah accept your prayer. Amin, mother. Merchant Niko? What are you doing here? Not Niko, I am Atsiz. Ah Beautiful. This letter will open all the doors for me. O my Lord (Rabb) . I aspire to live for Your justice... and to fight for Your justice. Please, do not let me be defeated by the enemy... and to be ashamed in front of my tribe, my State and my descendants. O my Lord (Rabb) When You [He] intend a thing Your [His] command is "Be" and it is [Ya-Sin, 36 80] Make me victorious on this path I set on to get Your Approval. The power of opening all the doors belongs to You alone. Please, show me the door, a way out. For the sake of our Prophet (pbuh) who has a glorious name... please accept my duas (prayers). By the order of Tekfur Ares, I have to take this letter to the Emperor. Tell me your name. Gregoryus. Go out through the secret passage, steer clear of the Alps. Deliver this letter to the Emperor Gregoryus. Alright, pass through Is there permission, my Bey? Come in here, Bamsi. Aag A|/| Bahadir Bey sent his Alp. There’s something he wants to tell you. Bahadir Bey? Where is Turgut, in that case? I don t know, my Bey. This Alp has come alone. Get him in, then. We will learn it now. Eyvallah (alright), my Bey Let him in Speak up, then I bring you greetings (Salam) from Bahadir Bey, Ertugrul Bey. Where is your Bey? He is at the Qavdar tribe. All the Beys swore their allegiance to my Bahadir Bey.. he became the tribe's Bey and has established his tent. He invited you to meet him tomorrow, in his main tent. What do you mean by he became the Bey ? What do you mean? Where are Aslihan Hatun and Turgut Alp? Until you agree to meet and negotiate with Bahadir Bey... Aslihan Hatun and Turgut Alp would be detained. Aag A|A| My Bey, what is he talking about?

My brother Turgut and Aslihan Hatun have been detained. So that baseborn, whom you consider to have become your new Bey, has... fled from the battlefield where we fought, for that. While we fought on a battlefield, he raided and took hold of the main tent, is it so? He both, betrayed us and rebelled against us. Go and tell him that Ertugrul Bey will come to the mam tent. However, he will not come for reaching an agreement, but will. come to settle an account for his crimes, which have exceeded all measures. This time, he won't be able to pull it off and get away with his crimes, he must know. Get going. My Bey, my Bey, this dog has... detained Aslihan Hatun and my Turgut brother. We should have detained this dog too, my Bey. No harm can be done to an envoy even if he is that scoundrel's dog. Let him go. Let him go, so he can convey to Bahadir, what we told him. Hmph Let him do it, so Bahadir is made aware of what kind of storm is coming his way. What is it, son? That inglorious one, called Bahadir, mother... he has detained Turgut and Aslihan Hatun in the tribe. What did you say? That despicable sod! When the flames of battle were raging on the battlefield... how such a perfidious act can be done? He cooperated with Ares, mother. He betrayed our State because of his ambition for Beylick. He also had his hands in burning of catapults, mother. Treachery is deeply rooted in his blood, mother. However, my sword will. let out that treacherous blood in streams. Bamsi get ready, we are going out. As you order, my Bey. Mother Artuk Bey is to participate at the funeral prayer as my proxy. Also condole with our martyrs’ families, don't leave them alone.

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And don’t leave the hatuns without your support, either. Don t worry, son Don t worry. They should not feel they were let down by my absence My Lord (Rabb), disasters follow one after another, with no end in sight. Please, give power and strength to my Ertugrul Bey. Yah Yah Yah, yah Yah Yah! This is the right place for setting an ambush on the route to the Qavdar tribe When Ertugrul comes, we will surround him quickly. This time, he will not be able to escape our ambush. Everyone take your positions. Come here, Ertugrul Bey My sword will finally get soaked by blood of that mighty Turk. Take away the horse 6zisjv V si *eq// I have important information for you, Ertugrul Bey. There's a secret passageway within the fortress. Ares has sent a letter to the Emperor by a messenger. I caught him before he left and I went through the passage in his clothes. I seized the letter too. Eyvallah (well done). Everything they did in cooperation with Bahadyr Bey is recorded here. And they have also set you a trap, my Bey. Praise be to Allah SWT, I reached you just in time. So that's why he sent me a messenger and invited me to his tribe. So, they’re lying in wait along the road, to ambush me There is no time to lose, Atsiz We need to save Aslihan Hatun and Turgut Alp.. from this villain's hand, without delay. Afterwards, I’m going to settle an account with him I know the spot where they’re lying in wait, my Bey.

They’re waiting in ambush along the path we regularly use. Eyvallah (that’s right) There is one more path leading to the Qavdar tribe Bamsi, Abdurrahman and I will go to the Qavdar’s via that route. And you continue the other route and destroy their ambush, Atsiz. Don’t worry, my Bey They shall end up falling into their own trap, in the end, evelAllah. EyvAllah (let it be so). Gunkut, Dumrul As soon as you're done with Ares soldiers, come to the Qavdar tribe. Some of you surround the tribe, and... the others go inside and keep vigilant guard. As you order, my Bey As you order, my Bey. Atsiz, after you handled the matter of soldiers, you may... go join the Alps who are lying in the siege. After we finish our errand in Qavdar tribe, we will come to you, too. Tonight we go through the tunnel. This affair will end tonight, Atsiz Organize the Alps promptly May Allah SWT, help and assist us, Alps. Amin Amin my B y Well, let's go O Allah D h' D h' OAI h' With the best of luck we should get the news of Ertugrul's death. With this waiting I feel tense as a bowstring. What are you tensed for? One way or another, Ertugrul will die. You may say so, my Bey, but.. it does not look like you are in any better state, either Worms of doubts are gnawing at your innards. There is something you want to say, hatun. Don't speak in a suggestive manner. Tell me clearly what is it you want to say My Bey, this Ertugrul has nine lives. What if he outsmarts the trap and comes here? What if he realizes that you and Ares have set him a trap? The calf s tail has already been broken", there's no turning back, hatun. If he survives Ares’s trap and if he doesn’t acknowledge my Beylick, then... his death will come by my hand. nan: a a Come here This time you won’t have a chance to escape. The Alps are approaching but Ertugrul is not among them Are you sure there's no Ertugrul?

I'm sure sir, I did not see him. We looked at everyone’s face. Ertugrul is not among them. He must have realized that there is a trap So, he sent his Alps ahead. And he himself went to the Qavdar tribe What are we going to do9 Kill them all. Get me my horse I’m going to the Qavdar tribe Ertugrul will die today, no matter what. Come with me. Hah. h h! Before one problem is solved, another one begins. Whenever we extend our hands to something. a trouble comes to haunt us. My Ertugrul opened the door to that snake, called Bahadir, to... enable him correct his wrong ways, to find the right path. However, he closed that door to his own face. Eeh, he will pay the price for that, of course. How did he dare to detain Aslihan hatun and Turgut Alp and to settle himself in the main tent, mother? It’s now revealed what dirty things he was planning. However, he will see. My Ertugrul Bey will definitely give him his just punishment. My Gunduz. Mother Hah, my Gunduz, did you talk to your brothers? I did moth r I consoled them all I said to them ‘if you have any problem, come to see me’. You did well, my Gunduz, well done You did well. Hafsa, my daughter, did everything go well with organizing food for the funeral? Everything is ready, mother. Cauldrons have been set to boil and foods have been prepared. Well then Jet's go to console our people. Let’s go, my Gunduz, come. Surrender yourself Come on, let me see you, you blackguards! Yah Aa Come on! Come on! It’s time for Holy Struggle. Don’t let infidels catch their breath Allah Allahu ekber (Allah is the Greatest) Allahu ekber (Allah is the Greatest) Come on Titan is not among them. He may have gone to close the secret gateway. Get me my horse I'll go back quickly and keep the door to the passage open. I must stop Titan I will wait for Ertugrul Bey there. When you are done with Bahadir Bey... you’ll come there, In shaa Allah In shaa Allah. - In shaa Allah Come on! Ertugrul Bey has not come yet. Sooner or later, he will be here You spoiled all the intrigues Ertugrul Bey devised for our tribe, my Bey. In shaa Allah I will also spoil the games played in Konya. Password for this Episode is BahadurallFamily. Watch and pray for us. Thank you for Watching.