DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 20

This is the story of EPISODE 20 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. My brave-hearts There are enough food, ointment and cloths for all of the Alps. After you leave, we will continue to prepare more of that. Convey that to Ertugrul Bey. As your order, Hayme Mother. We loaded everything up, Hayme Ana. We will take to the road, now. May your road be ..


This is the story of EPISODE 20 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. My brave-hearts There are enough food, ointment and cloths for all of the Alps. After you leave, we will continue to prepare more of that. Convey that to Ertugrul Bey. As your order, Hayme Mother. We loaded everything up, Hayme Ana. We will take to the road, now. May your road be open, may your Holy Struggle be blessed. Amin, amin May your swords not be notched. May your campaign end in victory, In shaa Allah. Am n. Go on then, you are entrusted to Allah SWT. May Allah (swt) let them return alive and unharmed, In shaa Allah. Amin, In shaa Allah In shaa Allah. There are still weak points in the southern walls, Kostas. Don’t forget, rather than attacking frontally, Ertugrul will target our weakest spot. Our preparations can be completed in ten days’ time. Sir. Ten days are too long, Kostas. If Karacahisar falls, Nikea will fall tooJ Three days Within three days, all preparations must be completed. If needed light torches. Turn the night into a day, keep masters working. As you order Sir. Inner Castle is ready for siege, my Sir. We placed the cauldrons with oil and big crossbows up on walls. Blacksmiths continue to make swords and arrows, too. Excellent. Continue with the preparations Ertugrul s envoy may come here before long. What do you think what kind of offer Ertugrul will give you? By sending his envoy, Ertugrul is only implementing a war custom. Kostas. He won’t listen to whatever I will have to say. He assumes that he has besieged me and my fortress. But, I've encompassed him already, a long time ago. Kostas. He is not aware of what I can do to him. Let him keep misleading himself. He doesn’t even know that we have a secret gateway. As he attacks our walls, we'll approach them from behind and inflict them the heaviest blow.

The more he is sure of himself, the heavier my blow will be for him to bear It could be a trap! Protect our Bey! Hoo! Who are you? What do you want? Some are curious about the fate of Hanli Bazaar's gold, Bahadir Bey. Aah Shush Wait here. Tekfur Ares... while he is being besieged by Ertugrul does he remember the gold only? He must know that his gold cannot save him. Do you think he cares about the gold, Bahadir Bey? He just seeks to secure a strong ally for himself Doesn’t he know that I will not betray my State? Ares doesn t want you to betray your Sultan. But, you both want the same thing. Haah Ertugrul s head. You are an intelligent man, Bahadir Bey. Ertugrul broke the peace agreement When the peace is broken, the trade comes to an end. And the gold will run out, then. With you as the Principality’s Bey, peacej and trade will grow and flourish, Ares said. Eeh? When Ertugrul is dead, not only Tekfur Ares, but even. Emir Sadeddin will seek an alliance with you. It’s enough that you rule the Principality with an iron fist. Ares must know that my iron punch will not... land on my tribe only, but... it will land on Ertugrul’s insolent head, as well. My Sir, Ertugrul’s envoy is approaching Excellent, let him come. Alps, my brothers J be on the alert. Those ones don’t care about the custom. They can do villainy at any time We have to take down three to five of them, each, before we re martyred. Don t worry about it, my Bamsi Head-Alp, we are ready, evelAllah. Don’t worry my Bamsi Head-Alp. I know I know. If they start to be like a 'wet blanket’, handle their Commanders by any means. Thus, the soldiers will be left high and dry, like camels that lost their donkey.

We are ready, evelAllah. Good then Come on, my lions, let’s go. Did Ertugrul Bey send you as his envoy, Bamsi Alp? Such lack of faith in Tekfur with whom he once made peace and shook hands! Our Bey is aware of your intrigues and your wickedness. Don’t forget you are my guest in this Castle right now, Bamsi Alp. Tekfut Ares, from now on you are the one who... is a guest in this Castle. If you don’t surrender the fortress, you will have no place to run to. And I expected Ertugrul to be a Commander who knows the war customs. Wasn’t it you who broke the peace by setting perfidious ambushes, Ares? My Bey asks you to hand over the fortress so that... innocent people will not be killed. If your Bey doesn’t give up on this war, many people will die on both sides, Bamsi Alp. t~i ca, yv/ut tvmicdd iidd icdbiicu li ic Ayyuk, the highest limit in the sky. [ Ayyuk”-Capella, the white star in the sky] Whatever you may say is meaningless. We are not afraid, either to... spill our own blood or to give our lives... Alhamdulillah (All praise is due to Allah). Now, if you don't want the blood to be shed and if. you care for the lives of innocent people in the least... you will unconditionally surrender the fortress. It is the only requirement of our Ertugrul Bey After I take hold of the Qavdar tribe. I will not allow my Alps, I brought here to... come under the command of Ertugrul. Moreover, I will get the Aslihan's Alps, under Turgut's command, to my side Ertugrul will be left alone. Ares and I, we want you to know that our troops will be ready to support you. Ready? And how would your troops get out form a besieged fortress to fight, Titan? That’s our concern. You may rest assured in that regard. Know, whenever you want, we’ll send as many soldiers as you need. Seeing as you have a possibility to slip out from Castle in secret... and since you have that much confidence in your soldier.. in that case... it will be your responsibility to stop the stones and fireballs, which will... rain down upon your heads. Is Ertugrul making a catapult to use against the Castle? Yes It will also be the best one. For, I'm in charge of that task.

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Where are you going to do it9 Fabulous Follow me from a distance. Come on, we're going. Deh! Deh! Deh So Ertugrul Bey refuses my offer of peace, huh? You were the one who broke that peace agreement first, Ares. That wound my sword engraved on you back is well etched in your memory, I dare say. Kill them all! Don’t let them get away! Just as my nephew Gunduz blinded your eye... so, you blinded the eyes of the peace. Ares. Is that your last word, Bamsi Alp?1 I even talked too much. In short, our Bay wants to finish that job I left... halfway done, as fast as possible. In other words, there is no place for me to run to. is there, Bamsi Alp? You are a coward who can sink as low as to kidnap small children. I helped you save Turgut Alp's life.1 And, what did your Bey do? He besiegedjmy fortress. And I kidnapped his son in order to protect the peace. Tell me now, who is the one who has broken the peace, then? As you didn't know how to keep peace like a man, so... now you do not know how to fight like a man, Ares. Now. the tongue has exhausted all the words and the heart has run out of patience I did whatever was necessary for the security of... our lands and our Empire. Bamsi Alp. And, I will continue to do the same, thereafter. Tell Ertugrul Bey, that . I will not give up either myself or my Castle to him... as your Bey knows it very well.

The Emperor’s army will be here any time now When that army arrives, I’ll no longer stay behind the walls. I will go out to slay all of you. then! We have sharpened our swords with the fire of revenge within us, Ares So come out, their sharp edges will welcome you. Come on, let’s go! We have completed our duty in this stone cage! Come on This timber is not fit for a wheel! You will do it again, but from hardwood These will be inserted on catapults, on catapults As you order, my Bey. What’s this? Hah? What's this? If you throw it with this, you couldn't even destroy a tent with that stone We are going to batter the walls of a great fortress! Make a larger structure! As you order, my Bey! As you order, my Bey. Will those catapults be the way we wanted them to be, Bahadir Bey? Can we do enough of them? They will be, In shaa Allah. Samsa. They will be, In shaa Allah. The important thing is not the quantity of catapults. Even one would be enough. However, it has to be strong as a rock. We won’t only use them for throwing the stones, but... if necessary, we will also use them to throw fire and bitumen. That’s why its arms must be sturdy. They must not be easily broken or burned. And once you throw something, it must be restored to an initial state easily. Everybody will do their allocated tasks, just the way I ordered it! Every catapult... must be strong enough that it will require ten Alps to pull it! If it is not finished on time... I will count the task as incomplete... and I will treat you accordingly, so you know that! As you order, my Bey! Come on, get back to work As you order As you order. I have to check on the Alps over there, Samsa. I am coming with you.

Bahadir Bey. Let's check on them together Well, let’s go then. Masha Allah, my Bey. your wound has healed very quickly. Praise be to Allah. By the time of tomorrow's raid, none of that will remain, In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah, my Bey The Beys from the tribe have come, my Bey. L^t them in What is it, my Beys? We brought you the word from Bahadir Bey, my Sancar Bey. Ertugrul Bey is going to attack the Castle tomorrow. Sancar Bey must be ready for our raid on the tribe, he said. Eyvallah (alright). Tell Bahadir Bey that he should not have any doubts in us. From now on, the tribe and the main tent you may consider as his. Eyvallah (may it be so), my Bey. Eyvallah (may it be so), my Bey. Ertugrul Bey. Turgut Alp. Aslihan Hatun You just hold on with your dreams of victory. Tomorrow, you will see what the real victory is. UiAlps. Get everything ready. Tomorrow we're going to take possession of the main tent. Eyvallah (as you order), my Bey. Come on^Alps, let’s movejt! Come on! Come on' U h Ah Ah Hah. Reinforce this here, really well. Do not worry, my Bey. Don t worry, my Bey. Ah, Bahadir Bey, why do you exert yourself so? There are enough Alps here, to do these things. If I don't interfere, the Alps wouldn’t be able to finish them. They 'll increase their efforts, if they see me working too. There is no sleep for us tonight. We will continue to work till the morning and we will finish them. Look, here! Give me that. You will hit this big nail with a mighty blow! Hit it mightily, so you drive it in, strongly and firmly. Take it. Oh You are expert in this to be sure, Bahadir Bey. Being in the Sultan’s army for a very long time... I didnt gain this fame, for nothing, Samsa. Anyway, catapults may be even finished by evening. You may send a message to Ertugrul Bey with one of your Alps. You may send it, so he can come to check on these, tomorrow Eyvallah (alright), Bahadir Bey. Come on then Ertugrul Bey. Come here. The table is ready, Aslihan Hatun. May you live long, Burge Hatun. Is there permission, Aslihan Hatun? Come in, Karaca Hatun. For a long time I wanted to come to inquire about your health. But, recent ordeals always got in the way. Thank you. Karaca Hatun. Praise be. I am fine. Aslihan Hatun, we are travelers on the path of the same cause When we should stand shoulder to shoulder in this cause... we forgot who the real enemy is and we fall out with each other Unfortunately, that was the case, Karaca Hatun. Praise be, our Beys remembered who the real enemy is and they united. And we as their hatuns are required to follow their example. For that reason, I want the animosity between us to end. Since the day you came to my tribe... we didn't experience many good things, Karaca Hatun. |However, Jjilso wish for the same] Whileour Bey^stick together, it wouldn't suit us to keep up this enmity I interrupted your dinner. This Episode is longer than one hour so we have to split it into two parts. Password for the first part is Zulfiqar and the password for the 2nd part is Duldul.