DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 19

This is the story of EPISODE 19 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Ares thought he could stop us with this last perfidy of his. However, our anger will hail down upon them now, with a full force. A Council will be held tonight at my order, in the Hanli Bazar. I’ll inform the Beys of all tribes that now it’s the time to fight. I will assign them their duties. Artuk Bey. -Yes, my Bey ...


This is the story of EPISODE 19 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Ares thought he could stop us with this last perfidy of his. However, our anger will hail down upon them now, with a full force. A Council will be held tonight at my order, in the Hanli Bazar. I’ll inform the Beys of all tribes that now it’s the time to fight. I will assign them their duties. Artuk Bey. -Yes, my Bey Not only our Alps, but... all the rest, who would be left behind must be battle ready. From elderly to children, everyone who would remain back in the tribe... must do their parts properly. You, yourself, will personally be in charge of them. As you command, my Bey. We will finally crush that Castle over their heads, my Bey. Our Alps are like crazy colts, pawing at the ground in anticipation. They are ready for fight, for conquest and for martyrdom, too. evelAllah. Eyvallah (good in them). Firstly, we will obstruct all entrances and exits of the Castle. Our Alps will intercept the road from Nikea and bar the Castle’s gates. Dumrul. You will hold up the eastern gate along with the Alps. Abdurrahman, you will intercept the road from Nikea, with the Alps. Gunkut, you will hold up the western gate along with the Alps. Lie down in ambush at your places Don’t ever allow the Castle to make contact with the outside world. As you command, my Bey. Regarding Samsa and the Alps I have punished earlier, I am... fully satisfied to cancel their punishment. y B y my Bey my brother Samsa's heart was on fire because of Gunduz abduction. He was filled with remorse isuieg send messenger to the Qavdar tribe at once. Notify Aslihan Hatun and Turgut Alp to . pick up Bahadir Bey and to come to take part in tonight's Council. Let's keep him in our sight. To prevent him to do something behind our back. As you order, my Bey. Send a messenger to Ares, too.

You will meet with him tomorrow, as my Head-Alp. As per war custom. . you will ask him to surrender the fortress. As you command, my Bey, as you command. The letter I wrote to our Sultan must be sent without a delay, Artuk Bey. Our Sultan should know that we want to conquer the fortress... before Emperor s army arrives here. The Mongol s army is lying in wait along our borders. In such a situation, if... we ask for reinforcements from the Sultan s army.. we would put the borders of our State at risk. EvelAllah (with Allah’s help) .. we are powerful enough to conquer this fortress with our own swords. In shaa Allah, my Bey May Allah (SWT) bless our Holy Struggle. In shaa Allah, my Bey. May your horses be fast, may your swords be sharp, my Bey Eyvallah (may it be so)] In shaa Allah, you will conquer the Castle, my Bey. In shaa Allah. Our Alps, may your Holy Struggle be blessed. May your roads be open How was it possible... for one man. alone . to force his way into my Castle? How was it possible... for only one little child I entrusted you with... to be taken away from the secret room, protected by thick walls and locks? How; Stand up. My courageous and heroic soldiers paid the price of... such incompetent commanders’ mistakes... with their lives You couldn’t stop Ertugrul, just one single man. You didn t comply with my orders. You underestimated the safety precautions you should have taken. And now. because of you... we are forced to withdraw behind these walls. And we will have to protect our lands while hiding inside the Castle. As of today, the war against the Turks has officially started. All the doors of this Castle will be closed and will not be opened again Until the help from the Emperor arrives You will defend this Castle to the last man standing. Even if only one man remained!

He must fight until the bitter end There’s no surrender! You will die honorably. As you order. Sir. Kostas, gather the war Council! As you order. Sir. Titan, come with me. So you are Titan. Did you miss me, my brother? I missed you. too. I struck our enemy in the eye and I came back. Well, my Gunduz... tell us, what did you do? You must strike the enemy in his weakest point." my father told me. And, I struck my enemy in his eyes. Just like a brave Basat struck the monster-man Tepegoz. Tell us again what you did, son, what did you do? Darius took my sword away, mother. But, I held a stone in my hand. Once at the Castle, I have thrust that stone into Ares’ eye. Hey, Masha Al]ah, that’s my lion Mother, what this child is talking about? He told us what he did. my daughter, just what he did. That’s what I did, grandma. Wha did you think? I am Ertugrul Bey s son, Gunduz. I am a Head-Alp. That’s my son, a Head-Alp. My son, worthy of his father, the Bey the Principality. Masha Allah. Masha Allah, my Gunduz. What heroic deeds he has done, by all accounts. I would do even better, but my sword was taken away, grandma. Yes, they were all scared, of course So, they don't know what you'd be capable of, if you had your sword. Masha Allah. That’s my Gunduz. Masha Allah, praise be to Allah SWT. Praise be to Allah SWT, my Gunduz. Oh, mother s heart Ertugrul will block all the Castle’s gates, first and... intercept the roads from Nikea. He’d want to keep us prisoners in here by blocking Castles entrances... and preventing delivering of supplies. Sultan Alaeddin could send an army, Sir. I don’t think so. When Mongols are threating the eastern borders of Seljuks... Ertugrul wouldn't ask an army support from the Sultan. He will want to conquer the Castle using his own means in the best way.

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Because his power will not be sufficient for that... it will turn into his disaster. Bahadir Bey is full of anger against Ertugrul. He is an arrogant idiot, blinded by rage, ready to do anything to... take revenge on Ertugrul. If we don’t take advantage of that, then we’d betray ourselves. . wouldn't we, Titan? Of course. I should talk to him immediately. However, while Turks are guarding all the gates... how will I get out from here7 There is a secret passage leading from the Castle to the northern woods. It is even possible to take the horses through this passageway. While Ertugrul thinks he’s keeping us prisoners here, we will... hit him and his most faithful Alps where he least expected it. My Bey. I brought Samsa and the other Alps, my Bey. Let them n, Bamsi There is. nothing else more worthy for man then his duty. If he doesn’t stick to his duty, heart and soul... he will put both himself and his tribe at risk. I wanted you... to perceive... and understand that. Whatever you say. you re justTied, my Bey. We were inattentive enough to fall into a trap in our own tribe. We realized the importance of our duty... after this trouble has befallen us, my Bey. In every evil there is something good, Samsa. Now this evil experience may... have helped you to... open your unwary eyes, In shaa Allah. Now... Bamsi will give you your swords back. My Bey, did you forgive us? The days of weddings... feasts and battles... are the days for... strengthening our solidarity and unity. We are getting ready to go into battle for Karacahisar. I am fully satisfied that you were punished enough... so I forgave you. iMay Allah be pleased with you, my BeyJ May Allah bless you. my Bey. Being an Alp is.. not just a matter of wrist skills.

Being an Alp means that... his mind must be as sharp as his sword... and as strong as his wrist. His eyes and ears must be aware even if... the wind breezed over and a bird flew. If we make one mistake again, my Bey, may we be forbidden to call ourselves men... and to wear the swords. Eyvallah (may it be so), my valiant. May Allah never let us be without you, my Bey There now, off you go Welcome back, Turgut. Glad to be back, Aslihan. Turgut. Relax now a bit. You haven't slept a wink, since yesterday My mind and thoughts are occupied with my Ertugrul Bey and Gunduz. It eats away at me because I’m not with them at this time. Until we get good news from them... sleeping is forbidden to me, Aslihan. Is there permission? Come in. A messenger from the Kayi tribe has come, Turgut Head-Alp. Get him m, at once Open the door. May it be something good, In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. Ertugrul Bey sent you word, my Turgut Head-Alp My Bey saved Gunduz from Ares and brought him safely back to the tribe. Thanks be to my Allah (swt). Praise be to Allah, o my Lord (Rabb). Ertugrul Bey called a Council with Oguz Beys tonight t the Bazaar. He invited you and Bahadir Bey too. Eyvajlah (thank you), my valiant.

Now go back and convey our greetings (Salam) to Ertugrul Bey. We will come to the Hanli Bazaar tonight, along with Bahadir Bey. Eyvallah (alright), my Turgut Hrad-Alp. Praise be to Allah (SWT) All traps and intrigues that Ares has set... came to naught. However.. this time nothing will be able to save him. In shaa Allah. Turgut... what do you think why Ertugrul Bey invited Bahadir Bey9 When I leave for battle, along with the Qavdar Alps... he obviously doesn t want Bahadir Bey to . have a field day and to do something bad. Our Ertugrul Bey thought it wellJ Ma Allah not allow an harm to come to him. Amin. Am n. Oguz. Go now and select the unit of Alps you can trust. They are to keep patrolling around the tribe continuously. Also make a stop at Bahadir Bey's, and... summon him to the main tent. As you order, my Turgut Head-Ajp. I’ll have a war Council with Oguz Beys, tonight at the Hanli Bazaar. Wh le we are. putting forth our best effort in battlefield. . you may start the preparations here. As you command, son. If necessary, we’ll get all the sisters together to start the preparation. There are enough flocks to provide the meat supplies, my Bey We can double the number of sisters in Kilimhane for weaving linen. Eyvallah (good then). Artuk Bey will be involved with swords' producing. Foods, drinks, ointments and cloth... you’re responsible for those things. But, you must hold the sword in one hand, at all time. After we leave, you will be the ones protecting the tribe. Evelallah (as you say), sonJ Don’t be worrying yourself over us. EvelAIIah (with Allah’s help), my Bey. Is there permission, my Bey? Come in here. Gunduz. From now on, I will keep my eyes and ears open, my Bey. Password for this Episode is ReadyforConquest. Watch and Pray. Thank you!