DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 18

This is the story of EPISODE 18 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Surrender if you don't want your Alps to die, Turgut Alp. If there is even an ounce of manhood left in you. you would.. uncover your face and stand up to me like a man. Where is Kirca? This worry is eating you up inside, my Bey. Come, sit down. This is no time for sitting. The moment we get word ...


This is the story of EPISODE 18 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Surrender if you don't want your Alps to die, Turgut Alp. If there is even an ounce of manhood left in you. you would.. uncover your face and stand up to me like a man. Where is Kirca? This worry is eating you up inside, my Bey. Come, sit down. This is no time for sitting. The moment we get word from Sancar, we will move into action. Get me my sword and my armor ready. They are ready, my Bey. Is there a permission, my Bey? Come in here. My Bey, all of our Alps are ready. Whenever you command us, we will surround the tribe on all sides. Let us first wait for the news of Turgut’s death. Come on, Sancar, hurry up. Either you just bring the news that you took Tutgut’s head or... bring it with you. but whatever you wish to do. do it and come quickly. Come, so that we can take hold of the main tent now. Are you alright, brother? I am fine, my Turgut Head-Alp We need to get back to the tribe without delay. The jackals may have already attempted the coup. Come on. Leave me here You hurry up, my Turgut Head-Alp. That won’t do. brother. We will stick together through thick and thin. Let's go. As I said Ertugrul Bey. I will help you to bring this case to an end. I hope we find your son Gunduz before anything bad comes his way. I haven't been wrong for having trust in you, Ares. It is an honor for me, Ertugrul Bey. However, I wish to strengthen this trust further, too. I think that we should show our sincerity regarding our peace and alliance. op 9M h;m moh Via trade Meaning?

To further improve our partnership by the means of the Hanli Bazaar. I'd like to know what s on your mind. Ares. Look Ertugrul Bey. I brought an expert merchant from Nikea. His name is Niko Owing to him, Venetian and Greek merchants will flock to Hanli Bazaar. Both of us will gain even more so. But to do that you need to give me some extra privileges in the Bazaar. And after all I did for you, you won’t see this as a big issue, I guess. EyvAllah (alright). What you propose is acceptable. However I have to find Gunduz, first. We can talk about this subject in more details, afterwards. Then, let me introduce merchant Niko to you before you leave. Summon Niko to me. Nothing wrong, In shaa Allah, Aslihan Hatun. What is the reason for summoning us? My Beys, my Alps. After Kirca’s disappearance, everyone became aware that... we put security measures in place in our tribe. We would have to increase these measures even more, now I gathered you for this reason. Why would we have to increase our measures, Aslihan Hatun? I ve gotwordfrom the Kayi tribej Ertugrul Bey’s son. Gunduz has been kidnapped. How that came about? Who would do that? Those who dared to take Ertugrul Bey's son, would have dared to do anything. Hence, firstly, we will put our own precautions in place. Then we will stand shoulder to shoulder with our Kayi brothers in support. She is right. Aslihan Hatun said it well. She s right. She s right. Alps, double the number of guards on duty. Within the tribe they are to patrol in twos. As you order, Aslihan Hatun. My Beys, you will not let your guard down, either. Eyvallah (as you^say)^Ashhan Hatun. A great intrigue has been played upon all of us. Enemies are coming down upon us like torrential floods If we do not stand by each other, shoulder to shoulder these torrential floods will sweep us away She is right.

Aslihan Hatun told the truth. Is there permission, my Bey? Come in here. Is there any news from Sancar? None. my Bey. There’s still no news. However, there is another matter. -What is it? Aslihan Hatun doubled the precautionary measures within the tribe. She summoned Beys and Alps to give them their orders. Allah Allah. Is it possible that she suspected that I intend to make a coup? Ah Sancar! You couldn’t take the head of that dog, called Turgut There is one more news of importance, my Bey. Ertugrul Bey,'s son, Gundiiz, has been kidnapped from the tribe. What are you talking about. Kaya Tekin? A son of Ertugrul And from the tribe, to boot! Who kidnapped then? -We don t know, my Bey. Obviously Aslihan Hatun increased the precautions due to that. Because his son has been kidnapped... Ertugrul’s mind will be hazy with black smokes of his troubles. Moreover, once Turgut s life is taken... the time will work in our favor. Come on. Sancar. come on. Come on Hah. Niko, let me introduce you to Ertugrul Bey. The most famous Bey of Principality of Selguk State and... the owner of the Hanli Bazaar, at the same time. I hope we will work together in the Hanli Bazaar. Nice to meet you, Ertugrul Bey. Eyvallah (same here) Niko. As Tekfur Ares stated... I hope we will work together in the Hanli Bazaar, too. Rest assured that you will benefit greatly from this deal, Ertugrul Bey. Let us see what the time will bring, Niko. When the time comes, we will consult on this subject again. For now, if you'll excuse me I would go, Tekfur Ares.

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I would like to hear from you regarding this subject, my Ertugrul Bey. I will be waiting for your news about Gunduz, as well. Ertugrul Bey . it was an honor for me to meet you. You may start working, Niko. I handled the difficult part of the business deal. And, with your expertise we will handle the rest of it. Get yourself organized according to that. A you order. Ertugrul is playing games with you quite blatantly. I know, Titan. But this game is not unilateral. I am also playing a game with him. And. in the end, I will be the winner. Thus far. there's no news. I wonder if something terrible happen to him. my Bey? Hatun, bite our tongue Is there permission, my Bey? Come in, then, Kaya Tekin. My B y. Turgut. Turgut has come back to the triba. Oh. dear Allah! What are you talking about, man? Sancar You wait here Where are the others? -Where are the other Alps? Where are our brothers? Wha happened to our brothers? What happened, my Turgut Head-Alp? Did you find Kirca Alp'? What happened to our brothers? Who did this, my Turgut Head-Alp? The jackals have ambushed us. Their faces were covered. But, they all got their just deserts. Take our brother to the healing tent. Sancar Sancar Kaya Tekin. -Yes. my Bey. Go to Sancar’s side. Find out in what state he is. As you wish, my Bey Turgut! Turgut! If you did something to my son... ■ JB8MS | I swear I will crash that main tent over your head... I will kill you in front of all the people. What happened, Turgut? Where are the Alps? We fell into the trap. Oh my lord. Who? Who have set you a trap? I don’t Know. They were disguised as bandits. They kept their faces covered. First Kirca, then this trap. For the love of Allah, what s happening. Turgut?

Whoever set this trap... he set it knowing that I would go there. I doubt Bahadir. Bahadir Bey may not be the one behind this, after all. I got news today, from the Kayi tribe. Ertugrul Bey s son, Gunduz... What happened to Gunduz? Gunduz has been kidnapped. Who did it? Who did it and how did they kidnap Gunduz? A single name comes to my mind. Tekfur Ares. Tekfur Ares may be the one who set the trap for you, too. If you wish, go to Ertugrul Bey. Don’t leave him alone. Don't be worry about us here I increased the precautions even more. Nothing bad will happen, evelAllah. Anxiety is eating me up inside. However, there is danger here, too. If I leave here and go... they will take the advantage of my absence. It is more reasonable if I stay here. My Ertugrul Bey will rescue Giinduz without me, too. In shaa Allah. In haa Allah. Gunduz is in the Castle, well and unharmed. I ll find out where he is being kept, within a short time. Wait for me in the empty shop, Ertugrul Bey Gundiiz is in the Castle. Where is that empty shop? I will take you there, my Bey. Not now Firstly, they must believe that we have left the Castle. After that, we will change our appearance and come back. Well, let’s go. Come to me. Bismillah (in the name of Allah). May valiant son would have go on the hunt riding robust horses. He would have gone into the battle on a galloping horse. And, he will go, Halime Hatun. Keep your heart at ease. I’d sacrifice myself for a spot you touched, for every inch of the ground you stepped on. Wherever I look, there are traces of my Giindiiz everywhere, Hafsa. Wherever I look. I see him. This pain is killing me. Halime Hatun, please be patient. You will see that Ertugrul Bey wi I not return until he saves your son. In shaa All h. In shaa Allah, Hafsa. My mother is now crying a lot in our tent, Marya. You will return to your tribe, soon. Ares will not let me go. Well aren't you an Alp? Would the Alp ever surrender?

Ertugrul Bey s son Gunduz. will not surrender. Good on you Sometimes people do things they do not believe in. But they do it for good reason. And, you need to be well disposed toward Ares. Why are you helping me? Because, you remind me of my little brother. What happened to your brother? The cruel ones have killed him. But I will not let anything happen to you When I get out of here, I will take your brother's revenge, too. Now I have to go. Later, I will come back again. Go on, eat your dinner O my Allah, let my father come and save me. Let my mother and grandma not be sad anymore. Look at me, let me see you, Gunkut. That would do, it is good. And, let me look at you. as well, Bamsi. Bamsi9 Well, take your hands ofT. Hey. Masha allah, my valiant. Why do you guffaw at me with your big mouth? Look at your own moustache I'm not ashamed of my mustache, brother, so I won't hide it as you do. Gunkut! I already cut the tips of your moustaches before, remember that. Let’s finish this job first, and then I'll pluck them, one hair at a time. I will pluck them, one by one, again Enough now, Bamsi Both of you shaved as that was necessary. The roots are still there, my valiant it will grow again. My Bey, In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah, it will grow quickly, my Bey. It will grow Bamsi, it will grow, In shaa Allah. Come on, let s go to the horses. My Bey. What will Hafsa Hatun say, when she sees me like this? I'm afraid she'll screw up her face until it grows up, maazallah. How hilarious is this too, you will get into the tribe with this look. And you, a Head-Alp! You will have to face the Alps, too. You think of it first. You shaved your beard for duty, my valiant. Password for this Episode is GunduzSonofErtugrul. Watch and Pray!