DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 17

This is the story of EPISODE 17 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles.0 BOLU Titan. So you brought Ertugrul's son to me, huh? Welcome to your new home, my little knight. I will raise you up to become a great knight. I will raise you up to become a great knight... you will become a great knight to serve our Empire. From now on I will call you Kronos. Ares. Hah! Hah! nan. Hah! ...


This is the story of EPISODE 17 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles.0 BOLU Titan. So you brought Ertugrul's son to me, huh? Welcome to your new home, my little knight. I will raise you up to become a great knight. I will raise you up to become a great knight... you will become a great knight to serve our Empire. From now on I will call you Kronos. Ares. Hah! Hah! nan. Hah! Hah! nan, Soldier! Soldier! Hah nan Hah! Quickly Hurry up hurry Hah! Damn you, my eye! eAjeifti am Get him out of here right now. Hah Let go o me Let goo me. Don t be obstinate, child, come on. Let go! My father will impale all of you on the tip of his sword! Let go of me Kostas help Marya to take the child away. Don t be obstinate, child. an Hah! Let go of me Hah! I m going to kill that child! No no. Let go o me. Ares, we need that child, remember. Let go Let go of me nan, "L ran an nan an, nan: nan* an We will find Gunduz wherever he took him to, evelAllah, my Bey. Rather than finding the kidnapper himself... we need to find the one who ordered him to do it, Ertugrul Bey. It is obvious who gave order for this. That blackguard Ares He stabbed us in the back in our own tribe. He used our own sense of compassion to catch us in a trap. With this perfidious move he wanted to save his life. . as well as his Castle, from my claws. However... however, my wrath is going to be that much greater now Bamsi. First he saved Turgut from poisoning... and now he is did this perfidious act, my Bey. My Bey, how many faces do they have, my Bey? He learned that we would raid the Castle. Bamsi.

To prevent that, he kidnapped Gunduz. Then, then let’s go and raid their lair, my Bey. Let's both, take this dog s life and... save Gunduz s life at the same time, my Bey. If we go ahead and raid the Castle, we will just fall into another trap. And, while we want to save Gunduz’s life, by doing that... we would in fact put his life at risk. Allah forbid, anything can be expected from that pervert, my Bey. His aim is to use my son to... get me to do anything he wants me to. What will we do then, my Bey? How will we save Gunduz s life? To begin with, we have to learn where Gunduz is. Let go of me! Let go I will destroy this Castle over the heads of all of you. Get going, child! Let go Ah. What do you think you're doing?) Move! Let go Let go of me Savci they cannot do anything to your brother. Besides, he carried his sword with him. They can't touch him son, can they? My Ertugrul will find him sooner or later. Until he finds him your brother will protect himself, will he not? Besides, you are his Alp. Would a Head-Alp ever leave his Alp alone? He would not! My Gunduz will come back within a short time. Hmmh. He will come. What do they want from our Gunduz? If they have some problems, are they handling them with children, now? What sort of cruelty is this? Hayme Ana, don’t trouble yourself. Their issue is not with Gunduz. They will not do him harm. Then, what is it. my da u g hter? Why did they kidnap our child then? When faced with a powerful enemy, against whom they are helpless... they resort to all sorts of intrigues to break them My daughter. My daughter. I cannot bear it anymore, mother. My heart is burning like a volcano. I can no longer tolerate this pain. Have patience, my daughter, have patience Ertugrul will find him and bring him to you And he will make those who did it pay through their nose for doing that. Have patience, my child Atsiz.

If he is in the Castle, you will learn where they keep him. Eyvallah (I will), Ertugrul Bey. However, how will we carry out this errand? Do you have an idea? You will get into Castle as if you’re merchant Niko. You will have some soldiers with you. You will go into Ares s presence and will gain his confidence. You will learn where Giinduz is. If he is in the Castle, you will learn where they keep him... but if he is not. then find out where they took him. Eyvallah (alright), Ertugrul Bey. Don worry. And cross-question Niko again Learn everything he knows by heart. When you come into Ares's presence, he must not doubt you. I will come to see Ares tomorrow, as well. Why would you do that my Bey? If Ares thinks I have any doubts about him... he will increase his safety measures. In that case, it will be much more difficult to rescue Gunduz. That’s why I’m going to behave as if I don’t know that he kidnapped Gunduz. I will request his help in finding Giinduz. Thus, he will feel at ease and be off guard. If Gunduz is within the Castle. I will not leave the Castle’s vicinity. After we rescue my son at night. we will leave the Castle, then. WhenJjcome to the Castle, you will give me information you collected. We will proceed according to the intelligence you will give me. Be prepeared Ertugrul Bey . what should I do with this one, after I interrogate him? Keep him until the end of the battle. I will send him to Nikea with... Ares's head hanging around his neck. Leave guard to watch over him. Eyvallah (alright), Ertugrul Bey. Don’t worry. Eeh. Atsiz brother. Atsiz brother, there is something I have to tell you Brother, when Turgut and I went to the Castle with our Bey . there was a hatun named Marya, who approached us. Apparently she is Ares's slave. Ee, erstwhile, she was a slave of the trader by the name of Simko. Simko gave this hatun to Ares, as a gift. Why did she tell this to you? Brother, it is clear that she feels sore about something. If you probe deeper, you can learn what her pain is. Eyvallah thank you), Bamsi brother. Eyvallah (don t mantion it). Eyvallah (don t mantion it), Atsiz brother. Ah. ah. Get going Let go Get going, child! Let go Open the gates Let go Let go Let go of me! Let go of me! Please, don’t make any trouble. I do not want anything to happen to you.

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Let me out of here! Let me out of here! I am Ertugrul Bey's son, Gunduz. Let me out of here! You will see what my father and I will do to you Let me out of here! I plucked one of your eyes out, and my father will pluck the other one Let me out of here! Yah Yah Sir. What now?* I don’t know how to tell you this. Just tell it, man. I did everything I could do, but I'm sorry This blow you received has caused a considerable damage to your eye. Quit beating around the bush. When can I take this bandage off, tell me that. My Sir, I am sorry. You will not be able to use that eye in the future. What are you talking about, man? Have you lost your mind? Get me another physician right away. My Sir, I am sorry. The white of your eyeball have liquefied. Get the hell out of here! Damn that child! I will kill all of you! All of you But I will start with you. first. The door! an Hoo. Bahadir Bey. What now, what do you want? Apparently, you came back from the hunt. I did I didn’t return with empty handed, thanks to Allah (swt). However I see your hands are empty. Probably your hunting wasn t quite fertile, ha? Enough of that empty talk, nowJ Kirca is missing. We were searching for him. Kirca is missing. Aye,^/vhat then? Actually I thought I d ask you if you might have stumble upon any sign of him or. . he might have confronted you. by chance. Hah One of you is allegedly the Head-Alp and the other one is. . supposed to be the Hatun of your tribe. However you can't bring even one Alp under your control. And what's more, you are asking me about him.

Is that me who should keep track your Alp, ha? We are uneasy because Kirca is nowhere to be seen. And, if we are uneasy, then... no one in the tribe will be able to find peace. Keep that in mind. Welcome Turgut. What happened? Did you find any sign of Kirca? We didn't. There were no signs of him at all, Ashhan. What could have happened to Kirca, so that he s not back yet? Hmm. Don’t trouble yourself. We’ll certainly pick up his trail and find him alive, In shaa Allah. Whatever has happened, Kirca would have been back by now, Turgut. It does not bode well that he has not returned yet. Think positive, so the good things may happen, Aslihan. I suspect Bahadir Bey of doing something bad... to him, Turgut. If he dared to do that, it would mean that he put his own life on the line, Aslihan. A fire of revenge burns inside him like a hot cinder. Everything can be expected from him, now. If he did something bad to my Kirca Alp... I would kill him by my own hands. Don’t trouble yourself. I won t allow him to do any perfidious thing. I will boost up precautionary measures against any potential risks. Keep your heart at ease. nan u an. Hah! Hah' Ertugrul Son Ertugrul. They kidnapped our child. They have kidnapped ourGunduz, Ertugrul Who knows where he is now. and in what state he is? Do not worry about our child’s life, my Halime. He is alive. By Allah’s leave, I will bring him to you as alive and well. In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. The aim of those who did this was not to hurt him, but to... bring me to my knees. Was it Ares my Bey? That devil! First he took Ertugrul from us, and then . he kidnapped my Gunduz, now. There is no peace for us until that blackguard dies. Son, just what kind of inhumanity is this?

What can be the reason for the kidnapping of such a tiny child? They definitely learned that we were going to raid the Castle, mother To prevent the attack on Castle, they kidnapped Giindiiz. Ertugrul What if they do something bad to Gunduz? How would we live with that pain? Until they make me do what they want... they will keep Gunduz safe.j That's their whole intent. You will never bow down before them, son! So, what is going to happen then? Neither will I bow down before them... nor will I let them do something bad to Giinduz, mother. I will rescue Gunduz from their hands, and then I will... make this world, from earth to the sky, a living hell for them! However, there is another thing that occupies my mind. How did Darius learn that we would attack the Castle, so he could notify Ares? " Aag *IA) while you were talking about your raid, Gundiiz was with us. Ah! He said: I wish I was going to fight. Ah Now, see Ah Dar us learned about it from Gunduz. My Allah, o my Lord! Open the door! Be quick about it! Get behind me. One Alps is not afraid of anyone And in particular he does not hide behind a hatun! Ares, don't, he is only a child Out of my way. I will pluck your eye out and send it to your father! I won’t let you do it, Ares, please Out of my way, I said! - No You'II get what’s coming to you, Ares! My father will make you rue the day you were born! May both, you and you father go to hell Ares! What are you doing? He must not die. We need him alive for us sacred cause. Look at this here! He plucked my eye out! My riend. Consider what our Supreme Empire is expecting from us! Don't let your anger get the better of you. Besides, if you kill him, all of our efforts will be wasted. Ertugrul won’t dare to attack the Castle, while we have his child. And. our troops will arrive any time now. Thereupon we're going to slaughter them all. No one should know that there is a child here, nor learn his identity! Did you understand me? We are still to settle the account with you and your father! So then, what about you Samsa Alp? When was the last time you saw Darius? I saw him among the children. He was speaking with Gunduz. I went to them. Gunduz said: “Darius is telling us fairy-tales”. Password for this Episode is Areseye. Watch and Pray for us. Thank you!