DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 16

This is the story of EPISODE 16 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles.We are. pursuing our mutual interests with the Turks here, as. . we want to live in peace. But it is impossible to do this while Ertugrul Bey is present. Hah. The Bey of Principality around here, is him. Whatever issue you have to settle down... you will settle it with him. His Beylik of Principality is ...


This is the story of EPISODE 16 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles.We are. pursuing our mutual interests with the Turks here, as. . we want to live in peace. But it is impossible to do this while Ertugrul Bey is present. Hah. The Bey of Principality around here, is him. Whatever issue you have to settle down... you will settle it with him. His Beylik of Principality is of no consequence. A man to whom Tekfur Ares extends his hand and does business is a sure winner. And also, we don’t want Ertugrul Bey to triumph, but we support you. Ha. what do you want from me? Commander Ares invited you to dinner The talk will be about the peace, business alliance, trade and profits. I would like that too. But first... I want to welcome Ares in my own main tent. When the time is right... I'll send a messenger and make him a feast. N w go and... tell that to your Tekfur. Alps, come on. let’s go. Deh Deh. Deh Shush, shush Shush, shush, shush. Bismillah (in the name of Allah). Ev ryone spread out amongst them. Keep to your place well. When the fight starts... we will scatter them apart. Well done, child. Soon, we will achieve great victories, Marya. I wish to crown this victory with our baby. Our baby? Yes, our baby I have grown up without a family, Marya. I would love to have a family so very much. And you are worthy to be the mother of my child. I also love children very much. My poor brother grew up in my arms. I am grateful to you for seeing me worthy of that. My Sir, a letter has been brought by pigeon Ertugrul knows everything. He is going to attack the Castle tonight. As we agreed upon before. I will bring his son Giiinduz to you today. Titan. I saved the life of his closest friend, his Head-Alp.

You still wouldn't keep quiet! You wouldn't dare to do that, once your son is in my hands, Ertugrul. Is everything alright? You just told me how much you love children... and how you brought up your brother by yourself. Today. . I will give you a son who is predestined for our Empire. You will bring him up him as a knight of Turk s blood. And you will be the mother of that Turk. Shush. Shush I shall give you happiness my Khan" may your native black mountains never collapse may your large shady tree never be cut" may your clear running streams never dry up" may your wing s tips never be notched" may your light-gray horse never stumble while in gallop" [Dede Korkut’s Dua - "The Story of Bugach Khan"] Thanks to Allah (swt) he fell asleep. Savci will be just the same as Gunduz, Masha Allah. He doesn't know what it means to stop. Masha Allah. You should have seen Ertugrul. He gave a hard time to all of us. Algigek? Where is Gunduz? He said he was sleepy, Halime Sultan. He also took his Alp outfit off. He would never take his Alp outfit off my daughter. Where did that child go? His hat (Bork) is here too. No. mother, this is not a good omen. With your permission I will go and look for Gundiiz. Otherwise I will not be at ease. Wait. Wait a bit, don t rush, my daughter. You go and I will wait here with Savci. Who knows what mischief he is up to now? I will come with you, Halime Sultan. Algigek, you go to the well look there. And I’m gouing to check at the drilling field. As you order, Halime Sultan. Hafsa. let s go. My Allah (SWT) o my Lord, oh my Messenger (pbuh). Hey, is wheel reparation over? I'm talking to you, is ]t over?. We're almost there. So, you will get a son of such a great Turk like Ertugrul and bring him here. You are such a great commander who really deserves to be a sainted knight. Leave us alone for a moment, Marya. Is it true what I heard, my Sir? When I get his son, he wouldn't dare to attack my Castle But, if he dares to do so. he will pay for that with his son's life. Tell me.

What did you talk with Bahadir about? Bahadir Bey said... when the time comes, I will welcome Tekfur Ares In my own tent. His own m in tent. Do you know what that means, Kostas? Bahadir will make a coup and take over Aslihan's main tent. How can he do that in contradiction with Ertugrul, Sir? They will shed each other’s blood, Kostas. Is not that enough? Hey I'm talking to you! Show me your ace The face of death! Damn it! MOJJV Hasbi Allah (Allah is Sufficient for us)! [Surah Ali-lmran; 3:173] Come on Alps Hasbi Allah (Allah is Sufficient for us)! [Surah Ali-lmran: 3:173] Come on my lions, come on my valiants. Bare your swards and strike at infidels. It’s time for battle. Your swords will not be sheathed without drawing blood. Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haydlr Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting AMah), O my Allah, o my Lord! He is nowhere to be found Where is this boy? We’ll find him, Halime Hatun. Keep your heart at ease Hafsa. he can't stay in one place for a long time, don't you know? Who knows wherehe is now? We will find him, In shaa Allah. Alpigek He s not there, Halime Hatun. We went down to the well. We looked everywhere. We went all the way to the tribe’s exit. He’s nowhere. Allah forbid, I even looked into the well He is not at the drilling field, either. I have misgivings in my heart, Hafsa Let's notify the Alps on guard Let them search for him too. This is a child, he can be hiding somewhere. Algigek, notify the Alps on guard. Let them start search for Gunduz. This is not a good omen. Inform my mother and Artuk Bey. Hafsa, let’s look behind the drilling field. Let s go. move. What happened, my girl, did you find him? He is nohere to be found, Hayme Mother. Halime Hatun and Alps are continiuing the search. I no longer can stay here. too. I’m going to look for him too. You do not leave Savci’s side. As you wish, Hayme Mother. Where are you. flying horse? Gunduz A p What are you doing here? Actually, what are you doing here?

You go. you must not be here Come on, let’s go. I can not leave you here. You a' e away from the tribe. No, you go away. I'm going to see the flying horse. What are you talking about, Giinduz? What flying horse? Darius! What are you doing here? Tell him to go away, so I can see the flying horse, Darius. Gunduz, run back to the tribe. Alp, what do you mean? Do what I told you Gunduz. Gunduz, run back to the tribe! You perverted sod You spit in the plate you eat from, huh? Killer. Gunduz! Gunduz! Help, Samsa Alp, help unduz! Gunduz! Gunduz! Gunduz. Garda§ Brother! Brother! What happened to you, what’s this? Who did it to you? Come on, tell me O my Lord. Sa sa What s going on here? I do not know, Halime Sultan. I found our Alp wounded. My Alp, what happened to you? Who did this to you? Darius. Darius? Gu-Gunduz! Darius kidnapped Gunduz What do you mean, he kidnapped Gunduz? Gunduz! Gunduz! Halime Hatun! What are we going to do now? Even if the ground opens up and swallows you, you can’t escape us, you rogue. You7 Who are you? Suleyman Shah’s son, Ertugrul. Ertugrul? You. So you are his man too, huh? How I didn’t realize that before! It's beyond your comprehension to understand our power. Don’t waste your breath; there are so many things you have to tell us. What will we do with him. my Bey? We will first interrogate him. Bamsi. We will do the raid at night time. Let’s find some cave and take shelter there. We can interrogate him there, too. Get the outfits from dead soldiers that are in good condition. Take this degenerate one along. Command is yours, my Bey. Halime Sultan, this place is dangerous. You have to go back to the tribe Samsa. what are you talking about? How can I go back to the tribe without finding Gunduz? Alps! Return to the tribe at once Gunduz has been kidnapped.

Password: GunduzKidnap0pedc

Darius has done that. They kidnapped my son They kidnapped my Gundiiz! Halime Hatun, we will find him. We wi I find him. I'm not going anywhere until I find my son. Let’s move! Come on Gunduz Ah. ah. Where does Tekfur Ares's loyal servant intend to go, hah? Let me go1 Leave me. You can't leave so soon. You will become a great knight Let go of me! Let go! Ah Ah. But first we need to make a man out of you. Let me go My father will kill you and, Ares, too. Let me go Firstly, he needs to rescue you from my hands. Ah Ah Killer You killed our Alp. My father will catch you. Let go of me Hah. Let go of me Ah. - Let go Shush. Get inside, get in. Ah Let go of me Ha ime! Halime! Gunduz! Ha ime! Mother. They kidnapped my Gundiiz, mother. Ah a . They kidnapped my Gunduz, mother. I know, my daughter. I know, mydaughter. Don’t worry, we will find him. The Alps have surrounded the whole area. They have nowhere to escape. We will find him. We will find him. In shaa Allah. We will find him. Gunduz Gunduz! Artuk Bey. Artuk Bey. Artuk Bey, that lowlife Darius has kidnapped Gunduz. Did you find any trace of him? That centipede has already escaped, Halime Sultan. He left his horse in the tribe. Then he can not go too far. He can’t. Hayme Hatun. Well, why would this villain kidnapped Gunduz, Artuk Bey? My opinion is that... Tekfur Ares has his hand in this issue. He is the one who kidnapped Gunduz. That degenerate will not be quiet until he kills all of us. I’m not going back to the tribe until I find my son. No one is going anywhere. Yag z Alp Go to Ertugrul Bey at once Inform him of the situation. Be quick! As you order, Artuk Bey. So then, continue the search.

Come on, Alps Gunduz. Gunduz1 Do I have your permission, my Bey. C mein. OguzJ You summoned me, Turgut Head-Alp. From now on you will be by my side in Qavdar tribe. Your wish is my order, my Turgut Head-Alp. Now, I will give you a duty. I’ve sent Kirca Alp to follow Bahadir Bey. However there's no news from him for so long. You will search the area thoroughly. A° you order. We hunted and we kept practicing, as per your orders. We have sharpened our swords with our anger, father. All of us wait for a single word to come out from your mouth. My valiant Alps. We re people who stacked head upon head in rows, in so many battles. No army was ever able to resist us. Now, a few scoundrels are trying to... take from our hands what rightfully belong to us. They are attempting to break us, thinking we are powerless. Will we allow these scoundrels to crush us? We won t. No one can break us. Now it's time for our swords to... shed their blood in the streams We will go to tribe tribe with our swords unsheathed, and... we will take our right, by drawing blood! We will take it by drawing blood We will take it by drawing blood We will take it by drawing blood We will take it by drawing blood We will take it by drawing blood Ah. So. you were following us. huh? Ah Ah Kirca is running away. Catch him. Go after him. Gunduz! Gunduz! Gunduz’ Gunduz1 My Gunduz Bey Gunduz Gunduz! My Gunduz Bey Gunduz. My Gunduz Bey My Gunduz Bey Gunduz Gunduz. Gunduz! Gunduz! Gunduz1 My Gunduz Be My Gunduz Bey Gunduz Gunduz! My Gunduz Bey My Bey. My Bey. we found a trail. Where's the trail? - Where is it? Speak up Follow me. Let s go. move. Do you know who I am? The Emperor will take his revenge on you for this. You will pay dearly for what you have done. Your Emperor sent a lot of his men against me. I have crushed all of them. Wi 11 he save you? Now. answer to my question. Are there any other troops that are expected to come, too?

The larger troops will come. Armies, as big as you cannot even begin to imagine. You will all be exterminated. Our revenge will be such that none of you will remain alive. If he wants to, he can send all the armies in the world. Fighting with the Turks in the steppes is not the same as . making intrigues in the Castles and behind the walls. We shed our blood, drop by drop, to make these lands our homeland. We are here to stay untill the Doomsday. What did you gain by killing soldiers and capturing me? What do you think you can accomplish? Your Emperor sent those troops to Karacahisar to fight against us. And. we will enter into the Karacahisar, dressed in the clothes of those soldiers. You won t be able to do that. You can’t do that! Tomorrow, when I take the life of that perfidous one, called Ares... everyone will see whether I can do it or not. And by taking that one's head to Nikea. you will proclaim my victory to the whole Nikea. Ah My Bey My Bey he s there. Wait! Ah. Aslihan and Turgut's dog Your owner has sent you after us. Were you going to tell them on us hah? Do whatever you want to do. I’m not afraid of you. € M fU VV1IOII il IUII i.Ul 111 WA It UU VI IV vvuviiu nut be able to delay it" by fear, they say, Kirca [An Nahl; 16:61]. Don’t worry, we will take over the tribe. Maybe, your Hatun and your Head-Alp^. may foilow right after you, hah? Will you take the tribe in which Ertugrul Bey subdued and disgraced you? You won t be able to do anything. Besides, Ertugrul Bey and Turgut Alp will take revenge on my behalf. They will bring you to your knees and disgrace you. yet again This time, you won’t be able to save yourself from Ertugrul Bey 's sword. Ah Ah Should we take along this dog’d head to the tribe, father? While there are more important heads to be taken over there... this dog’s head is not needed. The time to take our tribe back is here. Wait for the word from me. Hah. These are the footprints we found, my Bey. These footprints direct us to the cave up above. My Allah (swt). they are there. In shaa Allah. Let's go up there at once, Artuk Bey. There is no sense in waiting. Password for this Episode is GunduzKidnapped. Watch and Pray for me.