DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 11

This is the story of EPISODE 11 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. We will settle our accounts with Ertugrul with our swords. and not by diplomacy As you order it, father Until the day we take our revenge on Ertugrul... I will sharpen my sword with my anger Patrol around tribe continuously. Everyone be on the alert. Off you go ...


This is the story of EPISODE 11 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. We will settle our accounts with Ertugrul with our swords. and not by diplomacy As you order it, father Until the day we take our revenge on Ertugrul... I will sharpen my sword with my anger Patrol around tribe continuously. Everyone be on the alert. Off you go Hah h h! Samsa Alp Samsa Alp My Samsa Alp My Samsa Alp There is wounded man. Help me Help me What happened to you? Who did it to you? The bandits The bandits intercepted me on the road They took all my goods, which I was taking to the Hanli Bazaar. Don’t leave me to die, I beg you. Don’t worry. We don’t leave anyone to die. Who are you?? Where you come from? My name is Darius. I'm a Christian merchant. I wouldn t want to disturb you in your tribe but. I am helpless. It would be enough if you bind my wound, give some bread and water. Everyone is welcome in our tribe and at our table. They say that the Turks are as benevolent. May God protect you. Alps, let’s take Darius to the healing tent, come on. Come on May God protect you May God protect you. Go slowly, slowly. Come on. come on Alpamif, what are you doing here9 I brought you greetings from our benefactor, Esma. There is a small gift for your services. We are ready to sacrifice our lives for Blessed Emir, Alpami§. This is the wedding gift to Aslihan Hatun from Blessed Emir. What is this7 A poisonous sherbet from which lovers will die, but which will make us rich. After you complete your duty, I will meet you here Then you’ll get not one, but three pouches of gold coins.

Each stone that your fingers touch... will only shine if the one that touches it is as beautiful as itself. This necklace will get even more beautiful on your delicate neck. Emir Sadeddin's proposal is not just a great honor for you, but for me as well. If this is the order of our Bey then of course I would honor my suitor. But if you give me the leave to say the last word, then... I will not leave my tribe. Qavdar tribe will continue to be my home Forgive me, Blessed Emir. My decision is final. I will not let anyone, no one, to take you away from me I will never give up on you, Aslihan Blessed Emir, I gave the poison from the priest to Alpami§, as you ordered And he gave it to Esma. They are both going to die Superb If you wish, we can get ready to set off on the road, Blessed. No! While they are breathing their last suffering breath, I will... be listening to the Qavdar’s tribe beating their drums in desperation I’ll make sure that both, Aslihan, that oath-breaker, and Turgut, too... are both dead Well, what about, Bahadir Bey? Whom do you think Ertugrul will accuse for... the death of his brother Turgut and Aslihan? Alpamif must die, too. When Ertugrul discovers his dead body. he will learn that he is Bahadir’s Alp. And he will be sure that poisoner is Bahadir Bey, so... he will chop his head You always come up with the best, Blessed Emir. That Bahadir will get his share of Ertugrul s wrath and his sword, as well. Who is he? Where is he from? His name is Darius. He is a merchant who was on his way to the Hanli Bazaar. The bandits intercepted him on the road and reduced him to this sorry state. He sought refuge with our tribe And we wanted to help him, too. You did well Eyvallah (thank you). As if it weren't enough to beat you savagely, they've stabbed you too. Fortunately, I was able to attend to the wound without losing much blood. Eyvallah (well done), Artuk Bey. Get well soon So the bandits reduced you this state. Do not ever ask. They took everything I had. You’re fortunate that you came upon our tribe, on your way.

Those despicable bandits are our enemies, too. We will take care of you until you recover. Now, have a rest. May God protect you. May He grant you even more power. Eyvallah (may it be so). He's got into trouble I'll inform my Ertugrul Bey about his condition. Take care of all his needs Don’t worry, my TurgutJHead Alp. You and Turgut Alp will finally attain your desire, Aslihan Hatun. In shaa Allah, Esma Hatun. In shaa Allah (Allah willing) I wish my brother Aliyar was here, too. I wish he could have tied this customary bridal belt around my waist. Such is the destiny, Aslihan Hatun. Don t grieve From now, Turgut Alp will be with you and Ertugrul Bey will support you. This is only a modest gift from me, but it’s from my heart. Wrap your son in the ram's fur, and your girl in the gazelle's pelt. Bless your hands, Esma Hatun. May Allah be pleased with you. You have been my confidant for so long. You’ve always comforted my grieving heart. After my father and my brother Aliyar have died... you did never let me feel alone In fact, may Allah (swt) bless you, Aslihan Hatun. You didn’t treat me like an ordinary tribe’s hatun. you have always treated me like your sister. My Bey, a merchant by the name of Darius, came to our tribe The bandits have robbed him and have left him wounded. In his miserable state he took refuge with us, you know. We treated his wounds, my Bey. We fed him, till he was satiated.] Now, he is in the healing tent. You did well It wouldn't suit us to turn back those who seek our help. However, it is necessary to be cautious. He is such a miserable one, my Bey. I don t think he would do harm to anyone. We are in such times, when foxes roam around dressed in lambskin, Samsa. We are surrounded by enemies on all sides. You must be on guard even if a gust of sea breeze comes your way. The command is yours, my Bey. After the meal, we will take the body measures of my son Turgut. May it be well, Hayme Mother. Why do you need that? Halime Hatun and my daughter Hafsa will. sew wedding clothes for my Turgut Alp, by their own hands. Well Turgut brother... that's how marriage is going to knock a man down to size. Bamsi! Bamsi, it's not your first or the second time. You're going to swallow your own words, brother. Consider that. Why do Alps and Hatuns get married, father?

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Our Blessed Prophet (pbuh) says. Marriage (Nikah) is part of my sunnah," Get married, beget and multiply. for I will boast of your great numbers before other nations. [Ibn Majah, 3:9; 1845; narrated from Aishah] Praise be to Allah (swt), I got married to your mother. I have got such valiant children like you. And both, Bamsi Alp and Hafsa Hatun will... also have good children like you, In shaa Allah, Gunduz. In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah, Halime Hatun. In shaa Allah. Someday, you will have your own children too, my Gunduz. I want to be an Alp first, grandma. Oh, grandma sjoy. My Gunduz, you are already an Alp, my son. Hav I gone hunting have I fought an enemies, so that I can be an Alp, mother? You are right. I did give you a word, son, didn’t I? We will go together with your brother to your first hunt, In shaa Allah. Then, my mother will have to take my sizes too. She will sew my Alp clothes. I will not marry before becoming an Alp. No girl will be given to the boy who didn t prove his bravery yet, my Gunduz. Samsa, take some food from the table to that merchant. As you order, my Bey. As the horse is quick of foot, so the poet is nimble of tongue [The Book of Dede Korkut] Eyvallah (it is so), my Bey. To honor my brother Turgut’s marriage and my son’s valor... tell us some folk poems about the endless steppes, glorious rivers and... the homelands of our ancestors, Ozan (wandering minstrel) EyvAllah (as you wish), my Bey Resurrection is the name of a blessed cause" Its founder is the son of Suleyman Shah" He hunted enemy on the campaign he went" The valiant Ertugrul Gazi his name is His Alps sacrifice their lives on his path' His majesty shakes the world" Turgutand Bamsi, Rahman (Abdurrahman) and Dogan" The sacred value for them is their homeland" nu - inn fiiimpn An pupihpiai ihrih [Maulana - our Protector; Surah - 2:286; 9:51] [Hu or Huwa - He, Him ] Artuk Bey relieve wounds with faith' Have we decided on Karacahisar" May Allah not allow this army to come to ruin" Amin Deli Demir passed on, the way valiant lions always go' May all those many Sadeddin Kopekss' (dogs) bark' May the swordsman's wrists never twist' Heroic valiants stand on guard Hayme Ana is the mother of her tribe She is Suleyman Shah s heartache" A blooming rose of his main tent" Her home became Kayi tribe Halime Sultan is the light (nur) of her Bey's eye"

She is always proud of her man" Undaunted, she always stood tall by his side' From her, Kayis’ lineage will be continued" May our noble line of Turkmen’s son continue to last' May you extend our family line, and increase our tribe" Our Council shall be established in Hanli Bazaar" May our army run to victory in the campaign." Eyvallah (may it be so), Ozan (wandering minstrel). Eyvallah (may it be so), my Bey I summoned you here because I consider the Castle’s preparations as inadequate. What is it? Sir, Ertugrul Bey has sent you a letter. Read it. Tekfur Ares, I will come tomorrow to the Castle for a visit.” I want to see everything is as I left it. The Bey of Principality, Suleyman Shah’s son, Ertugrul.’ What are you waiting for'? Go Although this seems like an ordinary visit... there may be other intentions underneath. As what, Sir? First of all.. Ertugrul is well aware of everything we do. If that is the case, he doesn’t come for a visit, but to see his prey. Second probability is that he has no doubts about us And he would like to cooperate with us. We will be ready for both possibilities. Sir aren’t we going to take any action when he gets to the Castle? Absolutely not! Seeing that he's coming for a visit, we will get ready accordingly Organize the welcoming ceremony early in the morning. As you order, Sir. As I heard, Ertugrul Bey shattered Bahadir Bey of Qavdar’s tribe quite badly. He exiled his son. It means, Emir Sadeddin is also helpless against Ertugrul, from now on. From now, Ertugrul's steps will be much more daring, than in the past. Well then, how will we act from now on, my Sir? Sir, would our only measures be strengthening the walls and. increasing the number of guards on duty? You do not worry at all I’ve put the greatest of the measures in place. What is it, Sir? When the time comes, you will find out, both you and him. Be patient. Wait, wait. I will help you. Hmh Th t s it Ah Here you go Ertugrul Bey sent this from his dinner table. Th nk y u For me, this is a banquet. We I, Hayme Mother and Halima Sultan cooked it with their own hands. Of course it is like a banquet.

Ertugrul Bey and his family are so very good. Does Ertugrul Bey help everyone who is in trouble, like this? Is there any doubt about that? He is the hope for the oppressed. He doesn’t distinguish between anyone The only thing he differs is right and wrong. How lovely. How lovely. Tell me, do you have a wife and children, a family? We had our caravans. One day, there was a sudden raid and bandits looted everything. They killed my two kids and my wife. I have reopened your old wounds. I am sorry about that. D ntb Now I'm used to my solitude. Your tribe is very crowded How many tents are there? What you see is what you get. I understand. I guess all the men are warriors. We are all warriors. That's right. The Turks are all warriors. Your tribe is so beautiful, but you have neither Castle, nor walls. Are you not afraid of the enemy's attack? We prostrate before our Allah (SWT), we fly our banner And our Bey from whom we take orders by slapping our chests, is enough to scare the enemy greatly. Go on, enjoy your dinner It's good. Ertugrul Bey waits for me. The time for conquest of Karacahisar Castle has come, Alps. Hey, Masha Allah. Finally, praise be. - My Lord, praise be to You. Praise be to Allah (swt). My Lord, praise be to You. We were expecting this news for so long, my Bey. May our Holy Struggle be blessed, my Bey Now, the dream time has come to an end. Now, our swords are going to talk. When are we going to raid the Castle, my Bey? The morning after Turgut’s wedding, Artuk Bey. Morning after the wedding is time when Ares will least expect it. When he will expect that we re celebrating the wedding... we will hunt him when he is offguard. That shall be my wedding gift to you, as well, Turgut. Hey, Masha Allah. For such a gift I can sacrifice my life, my Bey. Are we going to inform Oguz Beys about this, my Bey? If we tell Oguz Beys... it may come to Emir Sadeddin’s ear. And that will put the conquest at risk. We won't let anyone know. And besides, we have power enough to conquer Karacahisar Castle, evelAllah. EvelAllah, my Bey. My Bey, my Bey, my Bey. Besides, we can conquer even ten more, like these. Even so, evelAllah. Castle’s gate opens at down... and it is closes after sunset. Abdurrahman Aag Aiai Blend into the Castle with Alps, dressed casually like you're going to trade. When you get inside the Castle, you will find Atsiz. You two will learn the safety measures taken by Ares without attracting attention. Password for this Episode is KopekisTraitor. Watch and Enjoy!