SICCIN  (Turkish Horror Movie) with Urdu Subtitles


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Watch Horror movie with Urdu Subtitles

Watch According to told by a relative of Mohammed the prophet Mohammed got sick one day had been so exhausted to unable to get on in the bed for days without a reason And Gabriel appeared him told to him. A Jew has casted a spell for you. He blown onto the knots on a rope And thrown it into the draw well named Zervan. Send somebody to there to take it. Then Mohammed send Ali his son in law to there. As Ali found and released the knots on the rope Mohammed felt relieved and healed himself again. Then God almight revealed the partition of Koran known as Al falaq Koran and An nas Koran SICCIN.  What kind of of crappy works have you driven us into. That s all bullshit and nonsense. Head kerchiefs Cover your heads. Ihsan hodja is awaiting you. Say your prayers. Hail you born of fire who has knowledge of wisdom Answer our prayers to us to servants who created of clay only. What s your name? Öznur. What s your purpose to come I I just want to ask about a man Whom to marry me or not What s his name Kudret Does he love you Does he know you He s son of my aunt Shall he marry with me Could you answer me as yes or no I ll ask no question else He s going to reply by himself Öznur Kudret is son of your aunt He s not proper husband for you.
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