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Kurulus Osaman Season 3 is starts on October 6, 2021 from Episode 65th. The First Season has 27 Episodes and the second season has 37 episodes. So this is total 64 Episodes of First two seasons. The 3rd Season starts from 65th episode and story was on the same point where Season 2 ends. In this season there are some more powerful enemies other than nikola which are tekfur of other castles. Koses and rogatos are another two tekfurs. These two tekfurs are actually together but they are showing that they are against each other. The infidels always playing games. Selcan Hautn is back in the very first episode of Season 3. Gotuk and Boran are now part of Jirgah. There is another character Turgut Bey which is not clear that which Turgut is this.

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